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Superior Mixed-Flow dryers are changing how people dry grain. Our mixed-flow grain dryers deliver even heating while using half the energy of conventional screen dryers. Larger capacities and longer retention times process grains more evenly and significantly reduce the potential for heat stress cracking, resulting in higher quality grains, higher test weights and higher prices for your grain. Superior Grain Dryers are available in capacities ranging from 690 bushels to 9510 bushels. Get dramatic cost savings and superior grain conditioning with Excel.

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Superior Mixed-Flow Grain DryerSuperior dryer features for superior grain quality.


  • Kernel Temperature: The key to preserving grain quality is maintaining optimal temperature throughout the grain dryer. Our mixed-flow process pushes heat up through alternating rows of ducts. This conditions grain from both sides and keeps all seeds the same temperature throughout the process. Consistent, gentle heat ensures that no kernel will be left too moist or over-dried.
  • Retention Time: With their industry-leading holding capacities,  Superior dryers retain grain longer while maintaining a high rate of bushels per hour. Combined with consistent dryer temperature, longer retention time provides optimal heat transfer into the seeds’ cores and removes moisture without damaging kernels.


  • Adjustable Burner Transition: The dryer’s true burner transition can be opened or closed at the top to adjust airflow, eliminate hot or cold spots and ensure consistent temperature throughout the dryer.
  • Corner Venting: Superior grain dryers feature the largest corner venting in the industry. The true corner venting at the end of each column allows air to flow properly and prevents hot spots from forming in the dryer’s corners, which could cause the grain to overheat.
  • Drag Chain Conveyers: Grain that is still hot from drying is more susceptible to damage. Drag chain conveyers with durable, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene paddles are gentler on recently conditioned grain than augers. They cause less breakage and cracking, which means less dockage at the elevator.


  • Internal Vaporizer: The Schedule 80 internal vaporizer is the safest and most efficient in the industry. Its 2-inch line vaporizes the propane over more surface area. The vaporizer is in balanced plenum heat, which vaporizes propane more efficiently than harsh blast heat.
  • Fuel-Efficient Maxon Burner: The high-efficiency, low-emission Maxon burner requires less than a pound of pressure to produce 1 million BTUs per linear foot. It will keep your energy costs low even during high production.
  • Two Vapor Regulators: Two vapor regulators in our dryers ensure correct burner pressure. Superior places a Siemens double-valve body between the primary and secondary regulators. Together they provide step-down pressure and ensure that propane enters the burner at less than 2 psi for maximum propane efficiency.


  • Single-Phase Power or Three-Phase Power: Superior dryers utilize single-phase as well as three-phase power to fit any farm situation. And with capabilities ranging from 735 to 7,500 bushels per hour, they can fit operations of any size, from small family farms to large commercial elevators.
  • Easy Expansion: Superior also designs our dryers for easy expansion so your dryer can grow with your operation. Models start at 10 tiers and can be easily expanded up to 26 tiers onsite.
  • Drop-Door Cleanouts: There’s no need to take any bolts or wing nuts off of the drop-door cleanouts. Instead, you can open them easily by flipping the handle on the over-center cam locks. The cleanouts make cleaning with an air hose easy, and everything can be blown out from top to bottom. The doors also act as an emergency cleanout.
  • Control Panel Temperature Regulator: The control panel contains a heater and cooling fan to regulate the temperature within the panel. It protects the unit from overheating or moisture buildup that could damage the control panel’s components.
  • Panel Circuit Transformer: The panel circuit transformer protects against power surges and feedback.
  • In-Panel Service-Rated Disconnect: With the in-panel service-rated disconnect, you don’t need to install an external disconnect as the main power shutoff.


  • Flame Rod: To detect burner ignition, Superior dryers feature a flame rod rather than UV sensor for more accurate readings. The flame rod converts energy from the pilot flame into an electrical signal, which eliminates the possibility of getting a false positive reading. By comparison, UV detectors can misinterpret reflected sunlight as the pilot flame. This could cause the burner to open, and without an established flame the dryer could fill with flammable propane gas.
  • Liquid Gas Regulator: The liquid gas regulator prevents vapor lock by releasing the correct amount of liquid to the vaporizer. It also prevents the vaporizer from being overloaded with raw propane. This increases safety and saves you money by ensuring you won’t have to bleed excess propane into the air.
  • True Piloted Gas Train: Superior dryers have a true-piloted gas train that automatically shuts off after the burner is lit. If the main flame goes out, the pilot won’t reignite, and the dryer won’t fill with gas.


  • DM510: You’ll get even more detailed drying information and control with the Dryer Master DM510. The add-on panel reduces over- and under-drying, increases throughput and reduces energy use. The system monitors inlet and outlet moisture, drying temperature and discharge rate, and automatically adjusts dryer speed to reach the target discharge moisture level. An LCD display shows moisture and temperature settings. You also can choose to make your own adjustments in manual mode. You can print a summary of moisture readings from the day, as well as other data stored in a memory module. The DM510 also features DM-mobile so you can access drying information from a tablet, PC or smart phone. Superior can also customize a control panel so you can electronically monitor any aspect of the dryer or drying process. Additional information can be found at www.dryermaster.com.


  • Gravity Fill: A gravity fill is standard on all models. With no motor and no moving parts, it is an efficient, low-maintenance filling solution.
  • Scalper: If height is a restriction, Superior’s scalper is a low-profile filling option. The scalper is filled from one side and a drag chain conveyer carries grain across the top of the dryer to fill it evenly.
  • 2-to-1 Transition: The 2-to-1 gravity transition comes standard on Superior grain dryers. Two drag chain conveyers, one on each side of the dryer, carry the conditioned grain from the bottom of the dryer toward the unloading point. The 2-to-1 gravity transition connects to both conveyers and gently funnels the grain to one unloading point.
  • Cross-Drag Conveyer: The cross-drag conveyer connects to the dryer’s two drag chain conveyers and carries conditioned grain away from the dryer for storage or transportation. It is available in 14-, 19-, 24- and 29-foot lengths.
  • Catwalk: A 33-inch-wide catwalk that covers one side of the top of the dryer is standard. It extends the length of the dryer to 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 feet. The end platforms are 30 inches deep and run the full 8-foot width of the dryer.
  • Wrap-Around Platforms: (Optional) Wrap-around platforms cover the entire top of the dryer and provide 360-degree access to the scalper or gravity fill.
  • Side Platforms: (Optional) Superior also offers optional side platforms that are 33 inches wide and extend the length of the dryer. You’ll be able to see grain movement inside the process area from the side platforms.



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