Q: Where are your grain bin manufacturing facilities?

A: Superior Grain Equipment facilities are located in Kindred, North Dakota and Beresford, South Dakota. We have a dealer network throughout the United States and overseas.

Q: Are Superior Bins available outside the U.S.?

A: Yes, our international dealer network includes 16 countries. Products we’ve sold internationally include: grain dryers, commercial bins, farm bins and hopper bins, along with bin accessories such as unloads and sweeps, aeration equipment, towers, legs, conveyors, catwalks and temperature monitoring systems. For more information or to contact one of our international dealers please call 866-822-9145.

Q: are Superior the only Farm bins available with a lifetime roof guarantee?

A: Yes. Due to our superior materials and construction we are confident our farm bin roofs will stand up to the toughest conditions, year in and year out. View our exclusive warranties.

Q: How do I contact Superior Grain Equipment?

A: To talk to a knowledgeable Superior representative you may either call 866-822-9145 or send us an email.

Q: What holding capacities are available in Superior Grain Bins?

A: Superior offers a wide variety of bin sizes with farm bin capacities ranging from 1,846 to 186,194 bushels and commercial bins up to 790,334 bushels. View the entire capacities range available from Superior Grain Bins and Hopper Bins.

Q: What warranties are available for Superior Grain Equipment?

A: Superior Grain Equipment offers the industry’s best warranties, including lifetime roof and lifetime bottom ring warranties. View warranties

Q: Does Superior sell Grain Dryers?

A: Yes, Superior Grain Equipment owns, manufactures, installs and services Mixed-flow Grain Dryers. Our dryers offer superior even drying and can be installed before or after bin installation. Learn more about  about our Mixed-Flow grain dryers.

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