AgCentral adds third Superior bin to their Tennessee facility


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AgCentral Cooperative added a third commercial bin at its facility in Greenback, Tennessee, US, supplied by Superior Grain Equipment.

To keep up with customer demand, AgCentral Cooperative added a third commercial bin at its facility in Greenback, Tennessee, US, bringing overall capacity up to 372,300 bushels. The facility, designed and built by Superior Grain Equipment in 2017, now includes three 60’ x 12-ring 117,500-bushel commercial bins, six 3,300-bushel wet hopper tanks and a 1610 model mixed-flow dryer rated at 1,050 bph. The facility handles corn, soybeans and wheat.

AgCentral came to Superior Grain Equipment, based in Kindred, North Dakota, US, with a unique request — they wanted to unload and load grains as well as dry and roast soybeans at the same time, and not have a bottleneck. Feed is a primary product for AgCentral, and it wanted to create a market for current members to buy a locally grown product.

Superior was able to custom build a full-service facility to meet these needs. Superior’s design and engineering team integrated many facets of a grain facility, a storage facility, a drying facility with hammer mill operation, roller mill operation and a roasting operation.

AgCentral offers flexibility beyond what most facilities offer. 

“There isn’t anything like this in the Tennessee area,” said Randy Coffee, VP of sales & marketing at Super Grain Equipment. “AgCentral’s facility gives farmers a much more efficient way to market their crops. They can intake soybeans, corn and wheat from local farmers. At the same time, AgCentral can grind and hammermill material that gives members a finished product to load out for feed application.”


Above article published in World Grain June 2023 issue. Read full article: Grain storage and handling projects | World Grain (

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