Reduce Post-Harvest Losses Using Superior Grain Bin Storage Solutions

In developing countries, many staple foods such as maize, wheat, rice, sorghum and millet are produced seasonally with only a single harvest per year. Traditional storage practices such as bags or on-floor storage can lead to 20% – 40% grain losses.

“Grain bins can dramatically reduce post-harvest losses and provide producers with a safe and effective means of storing their grain for the short- or long-term and, in the end, selling a quality product at premium prices. Choosing the correct bin depends on several factors including farm size, total storage requirements, grain type, storage objectives, length of storage, location and local weather,” says Jon Engelstad, International Sales Manager at Superior Grain Equipment

Read what our experts say about reducing post-harvest losses using safe and effective grain bin storage solutions:  AgriLeaders Africa Magazine Vol 2 2017


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