Superior Mixed-Flow Grain Dryer Key to Efficiency

Johnny Verell farms corn, wheat and soybeans with his family near Jackson, Tennessee. He says going all in with high-moisture grain harvest is key to increased efficiency. In 2019, Verell invested in a Superior 3218 Mixed-Flow grain dryer which exponentially increased his drying capacity. “It’s been the best thing we’ve ever done for our operation,” he said. 

On August 20, 2022, Verell started harvesting corn and was finished a month later. Even by western Tennessee farming standards, Johnny pulls the trigger fast on corn harvest. Why? Because harvesting corn at 30% moisture makes him more money than if he allows it to dry down to the teens.

Verell and his agronomic partner Brian Adams recently joined Damian Mason with XtremeAg to explain the method to going all in with high moisture harvest. If you’re interested in higher yields, avoidance of phantom loss, capturing positive basis in the markets, spreading out your labor, minimizing weather risk, and other tips to make more money, watch this video about Verell’s experience with Superior’s mixed-flow dryer. 

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