Bin Access


All Superior farm bins come with 66-inch doors. They feature a heavy-duty, bolted construction for strength and reliability. The outer door latches on the top and bottom for secure protection against rain or snow. The three inner doors open 170 degrees so you have an easy and unobstructed path into and out of the bin.

Bin Step

Superior Grain Equipment – Bin Access / Bin Steps

For safe and easy access, Superior’s bin step is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and features a non-slip surface. All Superior bins come with a standard bin step.

Bin Stairs

Superior Grain Equipment – Bin Access / Bin Stairs

Superior bin stairs provide secure access to the bin’s eave. Galvanized stairways with adjustable treads will stand up to the elements and ensure safety for years. You can save time and money by using one stair and platform combination to access two bins.


Superior Grain Equipment – Bin Access / Platforms

With our industry leading 34-inch by 60-inch platform, checking your grain has never been easier. The large platform covers both the roof ladder and inspection hatch, and you can use one bin stair and platform combination between two bins to maximize its value.

Inside Ladders

Superior Grain Equipment – Bin Access / Inside Ladders

An interior ladder comes standard on all farm and commercial bins.


Superior Grain Equipment – Bin Access / Outside Ladders

Outside ladders and safety cages are available for all bins. Superior’s safety cage bolts directly to the bin for added stability.


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