Herculok Floors

Superior Grain bin floors are 12 percent heavier and twice as strong as other floors allowing for loads up to 88 feet tall. No steel is removed during the fabrication process and our deep rib floor supports guarantee superior strength and reliability. All HerculokTM floors offer an easy cleaning surface, zero kernel blockage and no-fines features.

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  • Strength: Herculok floors are formed without removing steel for additional strength.
  • Ribbed Flashing: Ribbed flashing provides strength for taller eave heights and traction for Superior sweep wheels.
  • Interlocking Design: An interlocking design features a locking tab when the planks are snapped together, ensuring the floor stays in place.
  • Heavy-Duty Herculok Floors: Heavy-Duty Herculok floors come standard on 48′ – 54′ diameter bins and are optional on 15′ – 42′ diameter bins.
Superior Grain Equipment - HerculockTM Floors / Herculock Z-Support
  • Herculok Z-supports: Z-Supports feature multiple vertical breaks and interlocking tabs for increased strength and stability.
  • Welded Supports: Welded supports provide extra strength for larger bin needs.
  • Herculok Canola: (Optional) Herculok canola floors feature 8 percent openings that keep smaller grains from impeding airflow.


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