Roof Accessories

Remote Lid Openers

The Superior ground control remote opener is standard on all Superior bins up to 27 feet in diameter, keeping you off the roof and safely on the ground.

Roof Vents

Superior’s 20-by-20 inch heavy-duty poly roof vents, the largest in the industry, prevent moisture from entering the bin. Because it’s made of a high-molecular-weight poly material, it is completely UV resistant and will never rust. Vent holes are pre-punched with a gentle 3-inch corner radius to prevent sheet tearing. A 1-inch tall ridge surrounding the vent hole prevents moisture from entering the bin.

Roof Exhausters

Superior Grain Equipment – Roof Accessories / Roof Vents

Roof exhausters work with your aeration fans to move air into and out of the bin to minimize moisture and condensation.


Superior Grain Equipment – Roof Accessories / Stairs & Handrails

Roof stairs provide easier access to the bin’s peak cap. Heavy-duty galvanized steel treads feature a non-slip surface. Handrails provide bolt directly to the bin roof for additional safety.


Superior Grain Equipment – Roof Accessories / Walk around Platforms

Optional peak walk-around platforms add security and provide ample room for performing service. The bolt-together galvanized construction eliminates platform failure, rust formation or the chance of welds cracking.


Superior Grain Equipment – Roof Accessories / Catwalks

Strength, durability and portability – Superior catwalks have it all. We’ve incorporated a 42-inch handrail into the truss design so they can carry heavier loads and span greater distances. The heavy-duty steel members will last for years, and since they’re galvanized, they won’t rust. And with our all-bolt design, they’re easy to transport anywhere in the world and simple to assemble on-site.


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