Superior Unload & Power Sweep Systems

Unloading your bin has never been easier, faster or safer. Superior’s unload system includes a permanently installed U-Trough and power sweep, with all controls outside the bin, and provides an unload capacity up to 6,000 bushels per hour.  Operated from outside the bin, it eliminates the need to enter the bin to clear blockages. An independent, double-length center gate ensures maximum unloading capacity. Available on the S-Series unload systems. View Block Buster Video

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superior block buster auger



  • Unloading Speeds: 11-inch U-trough achieves unloading speeds up to 6,000 bushels per hour without damaging kernels.
  • Discharge Covers: Hinged discharge covers are easy to open and close. Latch the cover open when unloading. During the off-season, you can close and latch the cover shut to prevent snow or rodents from entering the unload.
  • Sturdy Backplate: A sturdy backplate on the power sweep connects to the unload and is pressure fit for a secure connection.
  • Over-Center Engaging Lever: An over-center engaging lever makes it easy to start and stop the auger, and an adjustable motor mount helps maintain proper belt tension.
  • Rack-and-Pinion Gates: All sumps are covered with rack-and-pinion gates that are fixed with roller bearings for easy opening and closing.
  • Independent Next-to-Center Sump: A next-to-center sump that opens independently from the other intermediate sumps can be opened if the center sump becomes plugged.
  • Double Flighting: Double flighting in the center sump increases unload capacity.
  • 16:1 Gear Reduction: An aggressive 16:1 gear reduction wheel propels the sweep into the grain mass for faster and easier unloads.




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