Unstiffened farm bins – 15′ to 48′

Superior’s unstiffened farm bins offer a dependable, long-term solution for grain storage. With the industry’s only lifetime roof guarantee, they are tough and designed for the harshest conditions. Our unstiffened bins range from 15 to 48 foot diameters and can hold up to 62,397 bushels. Call us at 866-822-9145 for a free quote on the most reliable bins in the industry.

Superior farm bin unstiffened


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The closer you look, the bigger the Superior advantages get.


  • Roof Load: Superior’s roofs can withstand ground snow loads of 40 pounds per square foot and winds up to 90 mph. Farm bins come standard with an 8,000lb peak roof load, or an optional 15,000lb peak roof load.
  • Rigidized Roof Ribs: 3-1/2-inch-deep rigidized roof ribs are locked to the roof wind ring, so the roof acts as a single, dynamic unit.
  • Corrugation: Flat portions of the roof panel are corrugated for additional strength and finished with a formed drip edge.
  • Roof Vents: Pre-punched 20-by-20-inch roof vents are made from a high-molecular-weight polyethylene that is injected with a U.V. inhibitor prior to fabrication. A 1-inch tall ridge surrounding the vent hole prevents moisture from entering the bin.
  • Continuous Eave Angle: The continuous eave angle spreads the roof load evenly onto the sidewall sheets.
  • Bird Clips: Push-up bird clips on eave angles minimize parts and labor.
  • Wind Rings: Individual pipe sections are clamped and fastened to the roof with a locking bracket at every rib. This adds security and durability by eliminating twisting and displacement.
  • Formed Peak Ring: Superior’s formed peak ring has three breaks instead of one to resist deformation. The roof panel rests on the peak ring and is pressed into a foam closure to seal it against wind-driven snow or rain.


Grain bin door

  • 66-inch Doors: (Standard) Feature a heavy-duty, bolted construction for strength and reliability. The outer door latches on the top and bottom for secure protection against rain or snow. The three inner doors open 170 degrees so you have an easy and unobstructed path into and out of the bin.
  • Bin Step: (Standard) For safe and easy access, all Superior farm bins come with a standard bin step.
  • Bin Stairs and Platform: (Optional) Superior bin stairs provide secure access to the bin’s eave. Galvanized stairways with adjustable treads will stand up to the elements and ensure safety for years. A 34-by-60-inch platform, the largest in the industry, comes standard with stair packages.
  • Peak Walk-Around: (Optional) Platforms add security and provide ample room for performing service. The bolt-together galvanized construction eliminates platform failure, rust formation or the chance of welds cracking.
  • Roof Ladder Package: A roof ladder is standard on all Superior bins. For additional safety, add an optional roof ladder handrail package.
  • Interior Ladder: (Standard) An interior ladder comes standard on all Superior bins.
  • Exterior Ladder and Platforms: (Optional) Exterior ladder packages are available for bin access.


  • Strength: Herculok floors are formed without removing steel for additional strength.
  • Ribbed Flashing: Ribbed flashing provides strength for taller eave heights and traction for Superior sweep wheels.
  • Interlocking Design: An interlocking design features a locking tab when the planks are snapped together, ensuring the floor stays in place.
  • Heavy-Duty Herculok Floors: Heavy-Duty Herculok floors come standard on 48′ – 54′ diameter bins and are optional on 15′ – 42′ diameter bins.
  • Herculok Z-supports: Z-Supports feature multiple vertical breaks and interlocking tabs for increased strength and stability.
  • Welded Supports: Welded supports provide extra strength for larger bin needs.
  • Herculok Canola: (Optional) Herculok canola floors feature 8 percent openings that keep smaller grains from impeding airflow.


superior power sweep
  • Unloading Speeds: 11-inch U-trough achieves unloading speeds up to 6,000 bushels per hour without damaging kernels.
  • Discharge Covers: Hinged discharge covers are easy to open and close. Latch the cover open when unloading. During the off-season, you can close and latch the cover shut to prevent snow or rodents from entering the unload.


  • Rack-and-Pinion Gates: All sumps are covered with rack-and-pinion gates that are fixed with roller bearings for easy opening and closing.
  • Independent Next-to-Center Sump: A next-to-center sump that opens independently from the other intermediate sumps can be opened if the center sump becomes plugged.
  • Double Flighting: Double flighting in the center sump increases unload capacity.
  • 16:1 Gear Reduction: An aggressive 16:1 gear reduction wheel propels the sweep into the grain mass for faster and easier unloads.


  • Grade 50 Steel: Superior bins use Grade 50 steel that has a tensile strength up to 65,000 psi.
  • G-90 Bright Galvanization: A G-90 bright galvanized steel coating provides enduring protection against the elements.
  • JS500 Grade 8.2 Bolts: All bins come standard with JS500 grade 8.2 bolts, which are seven times more resistant for exceptional protection compared to standard galvanized bolts.
  • 3/8-inch Bolts: Superior uses 3/8-inch bolts on all farm bin sidewall sheets, making the bin easier to erect and stronger than the competition.
  • 44-Inch Base Anchor Stiffeners: 44-inch base anchor stiffeners boosts strength and stability. The anchor holds the bin down and provides extra strength on the bottom ring where the force of grain is greatest.
  • Pre-Rolled Base Angle: Superior’s farm bins come standard with a pre-rolled base angle and a foam sealant gasket to protect the bin from the elements.
  • Bottom Ring Warranty: Superior bottom ring comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Fan Hanging Kits: (Optional) Superior’s Fan hanging kits allow the fan to settle with the bin, which protects the transition.
  • Fan Transitions: Superior fan transitions direct the airflow from the fan to the bin and are designed to fit any type of fan.
  • Low-Speed Centrifugal Fans: Low-speed centrifugal fans provide greater airflow than the industry standard. Operating at 1,750 rpm, these fans are the ideal choice for most drying conditions and are much quieter than other types of fans.
  • High-Speed Centrifugal Fans: High-speed centrifugal fans are squirrel cage fans that run at 3,500 rpm. These small fans move low volumes of air at low to moderately high static pressures, so they are ideal for aeration with deep grain depths.


  • High-Speed Vane Axial Fans: High-speed vane axial fans in a cylindrical housing also run at 3,500 rpm. These are typically used on smaller bins.
  • Fan Heaters: (Optional) Fan heaters speed drying time by heating air from the fan before it reaches the plenum area.






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